Does your pup have dry skin or hyperkeratosis? Whether it’s on their nose, paws, elbows, or hot spots, dry skin can be uncomfortable and painful. Kibble Pet's Pawfect Paw & Snout is designed to relieve cracked and chapped snouts and paw pads while also protecting from rough surfaces and harsh weather during summer, winter, or any other season.


Surfaces like concrete can be tough on delicate paws, especially in harsh weather, but this creamy balm is here to save the day! Helps protect from salt, ice, sand and heat.


Carefully selected certified organic ingredients were chosen to be non-allergenic, hydrating, and healing. We offer only the best for your pup, which is why we use only the highest quality, certified organic ingredients. How do we know it’s good? We tested it on ourselves first and manufactured it right here in the USA! Designed for dogs with the same quality ingredients used for humans.


Our healing balm can be used daily as needed and is great for all breeds--especially those with shorter snouts like bulldogs, pugs, boxers, mastiffs, pit bulls, etc. We manufactured the balm to be completely odorless since dogs have extremely sensitive noses. This product can also be used on cats and humans too!

Pawfect Paw & Snout Soother

SKU: PET400-01